biotransformation [bī΄ōtrans΄fər mā′shən]
the metabolizing of some substance, esp. a drug, in the body

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  • Biotransformation — is the chemical modification (or modifications) made by an organism on a chemical compound. If this modification ends in mineral compounds like CO2, NH4+, or H2O, the biotransformation is called mineralisation. Biotransformation means chemical… …   Wikipedia

  • biotransformation — ● biotransformation nom féminin Processus de transformation dans l organisme de produits toxiques en composés détoxifiés …   Encyclopédie Universelle

  • Biotransformation — Die Biotransformation ist ein Vorgang im Stoffwechsel von Lebewesen, bei welchen nicht ausscheidbare Stoffe durch chemische Prozesse in ausscheidbare Stoffe umgewandelt (transformiert) werden. Während des physiologischen Stoffwechsels des Körpers …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Biotransformation — Bi|o|trans|for|ma|ti|on [bio ; lat. transformare = umwandeln]: 1) die Durchführung von Hydroxylierungen, Dehydrierungen, Enantiomerentrennungen, Isomerisierungen u. a. chem. Reaktionen mit Hilfe mikrobieller oder immobilisierter Enzyme; 2) insbes …   Universal-Lexikon

  • Biotransformation — Le but de la biotransformation est d augmenter l hydrosolubilité du médicament et de hâter ainsi son élimination par l organisme. La biotransformation a donc un rôle de détoxification. En phytoremédiation la biotransformation consiste à diminuer… …   Wikipédia en Français

  • biotransformation — noun Date: 1955 the transformation of chemical compounds within a living system …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • biotransformation — (microbial transformation) The use of living organisms to modify substances that are not normally used for growth …   Dictionary of microbiology

  • biotransformation — /buy oh trans feuhr may sheuhn/, n. the series of chemical changes occurring in a compound, esp. a drug, as a result of enzymatic or other activity by a living organism. [1950 55; BIO + TRANSFORMATION] * * * …   Universalium

  • biotransformation — noun The changes (both chemical and physical) that occur to a substance (especially a drug) by the actions of enzymes within an organism …   Wiktionary

  • biotransformation — The conversion of molecules from one form to another within an organism, often associated with change (increase, decrease, or little change) in pharmacologic activity; refers especially to drugs and other xenobiotics. SYN: biodegradation. * * *… …   Medical dictionary